Welcome to Deroose Plants

We are a plant nursery based in Florida. We supply wholesalers, florists and garden centers all across the United States and Canada. Our team is always working to create the best assortment with new and exciting varieties and top-quality products.
Check out our webshop to get acquainted with the wide range of plants we offer. For any questions feel free to reach one of us by phone or email or using the method that would be the most convenient for you.
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Innovative, reliable and always at your service

That is who we are. Now and in the future. When you buy from our webshop, you are buying directly from our production greenhouses. Because we operate directly, you  get access to the freshest products at the most competitive price.

Our team works to deliver the best service we can in order to make you more successful in achieving your goals. 

Meet our team

Kyle Brewer
Sales Manager
Office 407-889-5228
Cell 407-408-6144

Annick Gyselinck
Sales representative
Office 407-889-5228
Cell 407-466-5936

Art Kirkland
Account Manager
Direct 689.240.5344
Cell 407-448-0289

Johnnie Schutt
Internal Sales
Office 407-889-5228
Direct 689-224-5530

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